Our territory

Paestum, a district of the town of Capaccio-Paestum, is located in the “Piana del Sele” and ideally represents the entrance to the National Park of Cilento. It is one of the mainl tourist destination of Southern Italy thanks to the variety and quality of the offered attractions.

In Paestum, there is one of the main archaeological sites of the Magna Grecia, within which are the majestic Doric Temples considered as unique examples of Magno-Greek architecture. In the museum of Paestum, it is possible to admire numerous artefacts discovered in the surrounding areas. Especially the so-called “Tomb of the Diver”, a unique example of the Greek painting of the classical period.

The sea lovers have plenty to choose from, the long and wide beaches of white sand are characterised by the presence of beach resorts that offer great food, good music and fun until late at night.

The gourmets have also the possibility to delight their sens with the typical local production: Paestum’s Artichoke and the Buffalo’s mozzarella.